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How to Identify Those Hidden Costs & Improve Profitability by No Less Than 10%

Do it once. Do it right!
The nuts and bolts of “Working Smarter not Harder”
Use your constraints to enhance productivity

One Day


Waste (loss management) within the service industry can run as high as 50%
Waste (loss management) within the manufacturing industry can run as high as 20%
This programme will help you identify areas of loss management within your organisation whether it be reworks, under utilisation of staff, the telephone or unchargeable time.


  • A better understanding of why loss management occurs
    • The Waterfall Effect
    • The need for metrication to better understand the true cost
  • What are the key areas where loss management occurs?
  • A better understanding of the need to reduce loss
    • How do these costs impact on the company profits?
    • How can these factors impact on staff morale?
    • How these repetitive issues can impact on team dynamics and/or interdepartmental relationships
  • The invisibles we do not see
    • Are your meetings effective?
    • How effective are your communication systems?
    • Does this effect only you or is there a downstream effect?
    • Making your delegation process work effectively
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of your work flow processes
    • The need to reduce double handling
  • The need for standards
    • Why we need a benchmark to work to
    • How to set the benchmark
    • How to move the benchmark as the standards improve
    • Operational Constraint Notifications
  • Work flow processes
  • Identification of repetitive problems
  • Ineffective training
  • Double handling
  • How Service Level Agreements can assist this process