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How to Avoid Being Classified as Just Another Rep

One Day


In the marketplace of the 21st century, companies who will survive and prosper realise that clients don’t want to be “sold” but clients want to be “partnered”. To be a top flight professional you have to get it right or it will never be right for the customer.


• Consultative selling

• Partnering vs Selling

• Creating a point of differentiation

• Understanding different buyers personalities

• Identifying and communicating with personality types

• What is your own thinking and social style?

• Communicate effectively to create rapport

• Recognising body language signals

• How to get your message across by preparing and delivering a persuasive presentation

“Making the customer more anxious to buy than you are to sell”

Participants will be given a fact sheet for a typical advertising purchaser and be required to prepare and deliver a five minute presentation on how they can add value to the buyers business using the presentation framework supplied.