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How do We “Up the Ante”?


To educate participants on some of the real costs to run their business, especially those hidden costs that are not always taken into account. To help them to introduce improvements to begin to increase the efficiency of their organisation or department which will improve productivity and profitability.


  • Why do we need to review these systems?
    • Competing in a competitive market
    • Just where does our money go?
    • What is the true meaning and application of DIFOTIS?
    • What to look for in a SWOT analysis in your organisation
  • What are your true costs
    • What are the hidden costs we don’t calculate?
    • How do we track these costs?
    • How to metricate this data?
  • How can this affect productivity?
    • How to calculate these extra costs
    • How to present this data in a clear and concise manner
  • Identifying constraints to a smoother operation
    • Systems for data collection
    • What systems can be easily introduced and managed
    • Tracking those constraints
  • Getting your “ducks in a row”
    • Data evaluation
    • What are the current systems & processes we have?
    • Keep – Stop – Start
    • Identification of key areas to be addressed
    • Prioritisation of these key areas.
    • How to apply the concepts of Root Cause Analysis to eliminate the issue
  • Who should be accountable to maintain the momentum of the programme?
  • How will we measure it’s success?


  • On completion of this workshop participants will be better equipped to:-
    • Identify constraints within their organisations
    • Understand work processes better
    • Improve productivity
    • Reduce costs
    • Reduce frustration within the working environment
    • Increase profitability
    • Improve staff motivation by application of extrinsic methods