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Engaging Our Customers

Half Day


To give participants the ability to deliver excellent customer service. To provide an understanding of the impact they have on their organisation’s reputation and the customer’s experience.
Suitable for virtually anyone in your business who has dealings with your customers, both on the telephone and face to face.


  • What is Customer Service?
  • The need for quality Customer Service
  • Creating a positive customer experience
    • Unpleasant experiences
    • Satisfying experiences
  • Meeting and greeting the customer
  • How long is 30 seconds if we are waiting to be acknowledged?
  • Effective communication with our customers
  • Barriers to effective communication that we need to be aware of including
    VAK, perception, questioning skills
  • What really is the definition of listening?
  • The impact your tone of voice can have in a conversation on the telephone
    and face to face
  • The need to understand cultural differences in our customers
  • The danger of over promising and under delivering
  • The need for product/organisational knowledge
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Your presentation – projecting a professional image