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All About Cold Calling

One Day


A fact of business life – the need to develop your client base. Finding and contacting new customers is not the same as dealing with existing clients and some people find it quite daunting


  • Why do we have to cold call at all?
  • What does it take to sell at this level?
  • The difference between cold calling and selling to existing customers
  • Why does it bother some people?
  • The vital qualities you will need to ensure success
  • Understanding the fear factor and overcoming it
  • Where to get the leads from
  • Combining cold calling with mail shots
  • Who should you be selling to?
  • How many calls should you/can you make?
  • The timing of your calls
  • The structure of the call – keeps you in control and on track, and effective
  • Effective probing – essential on a cold call
  • Coping with objections and closing the cold call
  • Keeping quality records